History of measuring presidents’ first 100 days

The first 100 days of a two-term presidency amount to about 3% of an eight-year span, but for decades the opening stretch of an administration has become the barometer of a commander in chief’s governing power, or lack thereof.

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True believers on TV for Trump, but false starts for future roles

When Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator in June 2015 to officially launch his race for the White House, the former reality TV show star had business and entertainment associates ready to vouch for him, but finding people in politics to declare him ready to be leader of the free world was a different story.

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Sessions: We’ll fund the wall ‘one way or the other’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday he does not expect the Mexican government to outright pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall, but there are a number of ways to extract the billions of dollars needed to build it.

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GOP ads compare vulnerable Senate Dems to Elizabeth Warren

Senate Republicans have found a unifying figure to rally around in their fight to maintain and possibly increase their power in the chamber in 2018. It’s not President Donald Trump. It’s Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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Rep. Mark Sanford: Trump’s threat on my seat ‘counterproductive’

A prominent Republican member of Congress on Sunday called the White House’s threats to stir up primary challenges against those who opposed the GOP health care proposal in March “counterproductive.”

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